If you are here for the recipe then , too bad, i am here to be a value added cook lol in the pic u can see mouthwatering deep fried squids( same recipe as calamari , check  at the end of this post) but they have deeper flavor than the chewy calamairi , it is also shaped smaller when its sliced into rings

well, maybe you will be more intrested to know the difference , as i was curious to learn more about this beloved octupus shaped creature :)
The word calamari is the plural form of the Italian word for squid, Calamaro.
It's calamar in Spanish. The name derives from the Latin word calamarium for "ink pot."

Since calamari seems to sound more palatable than the word squid, you will most often see squid recipes listed as calamari on restaurant menus, recipes, etc. It's one of those words that just "sounds better" or "has class," according to some people. Whether you eat calamari or squid, you're eating the same critter.
for us ( medetirranian CREATORS lol we love both ,but squids are more tasty of course, i v tried all , and always felt more in touch with my taste instinct when i cooked squids

to differenciate between them while you hunt for your own :
They are very similar except that squid are much larger. If you go to a fish market, you can appreciate the difference in size , calmari is like a huge cone with slim ends ,squids are smaller and they have shorter legs

Spanish recipes use both squid and cuttlefish, depending on the dish., and they are a little tough when you chew on them
calamares are called "chipirones* in some areas ........
just thought you might be intrested lol

I dip in batter :made of one can of malt beverage(like any brand of non alcoholic beverage ) and add to that flour and cumin+ppr n salt& garlic powder ,mix that all and dip the calmai and deep fry :) enjoy with sauce of yr choice

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