I often enjoy cooking a roast beef ,yet u have to make sure that you have a real tender loin meat lean and very fresh , as its a very delecate piece of meat

U need a good pot ,i often use a (presto) cooking this receipe.

1 onion -one head of garlic (cloves) cinnamon stiks -ginger roots -ppr flakes coarse and not finely grinded ok !it simportant to have the pepper flakes ,seasalt or kosher (it is the coarser kind of salt u can use any )

u need time to marinade it too
getyr meat and spice it with all mention spcies yet you have to make small holes in yr (3er2 la7ma ) and burry the garlic in it throughout the meat .
put it to rest for a day (min) then have it roasted in the pot

as it wil semi cook , (dont salt it ) to keep the juices inside ,and leave it till its roasty red then add (baby carrots -celery-mushroom-baby scalions- italian onions and one whole garlic head ) have it in a suitable roastpot and have it in a stable heaated oven for 2 hours till its cooked .

when its well done , leave it covered for 10 minutes before you slice it and this is a real important step as you leave the meat to rest it will keep the juices inside and wont let it dry even after a couple of days , sou will have fresh leftovers .

all the veggies left with th ejuices and fats dripping from the roast have it blended an add fresh cream and salt it till you feel its ready , have it in a seperate saucepan and use it when you serve the sliced meat , i often garnish that with roasted baby tomatoes while i cook the roast and it gives the deep flavor to the meat too.
added by Marwa El Odessi 

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