I dont like to fry mt foods normally i get any other excuse not to use fat and oils

I use a brush or oil spray instead and the oven grill
So i tried this ovencrispers and it was just perfect *

use the ready made spring rolls and fill with the filling of yr choice : for suggestions :

Inormallly have : chineese redcabbage-carrots -succhini-mushrooms-prawns and chicken sliced all in very thinly i add few drops of canola oil and add all to the wok ,i stir fry and add (ginger+soysauce+garlic and raisins and some sesemy oil ,few drops and 1tsp of honey and leave till its cooked , i fill the sping rolls )

Brush with oil or spray it and have them baked (not fried) in th eoven for few min ,then on grill for a couple of minutes

Sprinkle some of the leftover veggies and serve with soy sauce and sweet n sour :)
added by Marwa El Odessi

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