I got this recpie from an indonisian friend ,she is very thinnnnnnnn if you met her you will b amzed you will suspect she eats air lol yet she is rally a good cook and enjoys to eat so i thought i might try her recepies yemken lol
well we needed to buy rump steak ,and for you whom are in ottawa i suggest halal stores next to gianttiger (layla remindme of its name i cant remember ) well bec ramp steak is not avalable all the time

Anyway add yr meat to chopped onions and garlic cloves and ginger (roots freshly chopped on spot )add all and mix together add red chilies and water and leave for second add ground coriander and tamarind sauce* tamr hendee) and ground tumeric (1tsp) and cocunut milk 1-2 cup

leave all to cook and then addred peppers and nuts (usually i dont like peanuts yet its yummy with the cocunut an pprs ) serve with rice :))
thank you sumayra ! its really tasty wlah

added by Marwa El Odessi

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