This is a must try recipe ,my favorit really,and its a ( please do recipe) whenever i entertain or iftar gatherings and the greatest for flue or cold days , its a meal on its own and my favorit really for diet )

3 chicken breasts (skinless bonless and cubed )
1 cup sliced mushrooms (canned or fresh)
3 cups of non fat chicken stock ( i buy that ready made or you can do it and get it to cool down and then take away the xcess fat from it )
Litre skimmed milk
6 tsp steamed cooked rice ( 1-2 cup )
1-2 cup lemon juice
cardamom - 7 spices - all spice salt n white pepper

method of cooking (my way fat free)

In the pan , add the cubed chicken ( add no fat no butter nothing just use a nonstick pot) add the mushrooms , salt pepper and 7 spices ,allspice cardamom and leave to cook for few seconds then add the chicken stock and milk and leave to cook for 10 minutes then add the cooked steamed rice when its somewhat thik and creamy add the lemon juice and serve after garnishing it with parsley

NB:* for a heavier recipe if you are not dieting lol , add full cream milk and normal chicken stock and fresh cream before you serve it , u can add a cube of butter while cooking the chicken , yet now you will gain weight and wil have to loose it so again you will be back to my way ,so do it may way better loooooool so its a fact (my way or the fatway lol )
so i try to have use less fat to the original french heavy recipe and stil its really yummy ....... enjoy :))

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