Another day , another soup recipe :)
Well guys this is a real tasty and healthy filling meal (its not a starter ok its LUNCH ) lol
serves around 4 -time of preparation 5 minutes - cooking time 35 minutes

artichokes ( 6 pieces )
1-2 cup of lemon juice
3 tsp plain flour(all purpouse flour)
salt -pepper -cardamom-allspice
chicken stock (non fat ) ready made -skimmed
2 cups skimmed milk
1-2 cup mushrooms
2 chicken breasts sliced

in a non stick pan , add the skinless boneless sliced chicken to cook , add cardamom -all spice -salt and pepper then when its a little bit golden add mushrooms and the sliced atichokes to cook ( dont add any fat ) when its semi cooked(it wont take allot of time as its tender )

step 2 : in another container add the chicken stock , the skimmed milk and the flour and mix well till its texture is smoth we dont need any lumps , and while its cold it will help u to do that with no need to whisk for long
Then add it to the chicken and mushrooms with artichokes to cook while its being cooked , whisk slowly till its creamy , add the 1-2 cup of lemon juice

Serve with parsley and salt crakers , enjoy

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