chicken breast ,skinless bonelss cubed or sliced
1 red pepper
4 artichok hearts
stack of asparagus
potatoes cubed
salt pepper cardamom
herbs of yr choice
garlic ( 1 tsp ) lemon juice
chicken broth
milk and flour
corn & mushrooms if you desire

cube artichokes + potatoes+ asparagus and steam all ( use a steamer or two racked pan )
set aside , in a pot add 3 spoons of butter and 1 tsp of canola oil ( we dont want butterto burn easily thats why we add oil ) when it melts add sliced red peppers and roast a little then add chicken cubes ( breast boneless and skinless or leftovers )

when its cooked add salt peppr and cardamom and sage ,add 1 tsp of garlic and bring this to cook well, add chicken stock and 2 cups of milk ( to each 1 leter of broth add 2 cups of milk ) when it boils add the vegetables .bring all to cook .

in a container add 2 tsp of flour and 1-2 cup of milk or stock ,and stir well when it combines add slowly to the soup while you heat it , as we dont want lumps to collect .and be slow as u stir we dont want the artichokes to get tender more than desired .

serve hot and sprinkle herbs of yr choice, lemon croutons , butter and brown bread ...its a meal of its own , u can add corn or mushrooms too if desired !

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