Slice chicken breast thinly and add 1 tsp of butter & 1canola oil and stir ,add salt and pepper and cardamom,bay leaf till its golden add the mushroom (sliced) and stir -in a container add chicken broth and milk ( to each one ltr soup add 2 cups milk ) and 2 spoons of flour and stir well ,when u feel its ... Ready and combined & wellsmoothed add to the chicken and mushrooms and bring to boil while you stir because the flour should be clear as you stir ,u will get an outcome of creamy soup now , add grated cheese right away as you serve : croutons and herbs of yr choice if you desire .

** if you found that the soup is not as creamy as desired add 1 tsp of flour to some chicken broth ,and stir then add to the big bulk of soup as you heat and stir ,dont add too much flour we are keen not to end up with bichamelle soup lol , taste and salt it if deired if you need more kick add lemon juice before you serve . (add sour cream if u like it more creamy before you serve , dont heat once sour cream is added )

a tip ** if you like you can mix it in the blender to smooth it ,it will be more of campbel's style soup , or ready made ,if you like to deep freeze t for a later use this will b a gr8 option ,i always do that if i am in ahurry for a long day on the run , so u can defrost it and have it in a container with you to b ready to heat for brunch !

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