Taboun OR tanbour bread ( buy it from the arabic or halal stores in yr local grocery store)
half kilo onions -olive oil - sumaq powder -salt n pepper
minced meat - pinenuts-almonds -chicken skinneless bonelss -chicken spices -
peel the onion into small dicesized cubes-add olive oil and salt -pepper tumeric and leave it to cook for a while
boil the chicken as usual then add chicken spice (a pack ) then cook it in the oven for a while with a tsp of olive oil as u will brush it and leave it to have the golden glow in the oven
prepare the minced meat (onion -minced meat-salt and pepper and cook it for a while ,leave it aside .

after the above steps
layer the bread and add the onion ,minced meat with the left overjuices in the pan and layer bread and then the onion and minced meat ( 2 layers ) and put it in the oven for like 4-5 minuts to bake ,add the chicken and the almond-pinenuts

I over cooked it in the oven so b aware when you heat it fro the last minute !
added by Marwa El Odessi

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