Stews have been made since prehistoric times. Herodotus says that the Scythians (8th to 4th centuries BC) "put the flesh into an animal's paunch, mix water with it, and boil it like that over the bone fire. The bones burn very well, and the paunch easily contains all the meat once it has been stripped off. In this way an ox, or any other sacrificial beast, is ingeniously made to boil itself." Some sources consider that this was how boiling was first done by primitive man, perhaps as long ago as ½ to 1 million years ago. Here's the way I make stew.

Prepare all the ingredients like below and set aside.
Cut in parts and cooked 30 min in water with some salt

4 potatoes diced in cubes and baked 5 minutes in oil take them out of the pan and let drain

Peel the aubergine a bit and cut in cubes, bake in oil, take them out of the pan and let drain

200 gram ground meat (I use fatfree meat like beef)
1 egg,breadcrumbs1 small onion, grated,1/2 clove of garlic, grated
Paprikapowder,Cumin,parsley,pepper and salt.
Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Make little balls and bake them in (olive) oil or butter for 4 or 5 minutes.

How to make the stew:
Put some oil in a wok/pan and bake 1 sliced onion glazy. Bake a cutted green pepper, and add some cut tomatoes, let it all simmer.
Now add all the ingredients and some boiling water till vegetables are almost under water.
Season with salt and pepper and let cook, put fire low and let simmer for 2 hours. Or put directy in oven. If you put it in a traditional turkish pan (guvec) then the taste is even better.
You have to cover the stew and if you make it with olive oil you can eat it also cold

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