Mashed potatoes:
8 potatoes
100 ml
salt, pepper and nutmeg
small amount of butter
Cook and mash the potatoes. then add the warm milk and butter and mix all with a handmixer in the pan (it looks strange but its the easiests way to make mashed potatoes).
Season with nugmegg, salt and pepper
You can serve direct or put in a ovenpan with butterpieces on top and breadcrumbs and cook in oven to keep it warm and you have a crusty top also.

300 grams sprouts ugly edges cut away and cleaned
1 liter water
Cut off the ugly edges of sprouts and clean
Put in water with some salt, cook sprout 1,5 hour and strain off the water. Serve warm

2 chickenfilets
1 paprika
5 tomatoes (or tomatosauce)
1 union
salt and pepper
1 pepper

Cut filets in small pieces and bake in little bit oil.
chop union and pepper fine and bake in oil.
Peel tomatoes and cut in pieces, add to the unionmixture and cook a few minutes.
Add chicken and cooked water. Season with salt and pepper and let it 30 minutes cook.

Arange mashed potatoes, sprouts and chicken on a plate and use the sauce on top of the potatoes

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