This is how i make a quiche, but there are so many other ways to make it, but if you look for an easy way to make one then this is your recipe..happy cooking!!!

2 eggs
a glass of milk
4 parts of puff paste `
1/2 red and 1/2 yellow paprika
6 champignons
salt and pepper
Dutch or other yellow cheese
(You can also add other ingredients if you wish)

bake the paprika, champignons, brocolli in a little bit oil just for a few minutes
whisk the eggs and make together with milk, salt and pepper and cheese a nice mixture

Cover an ovenpan with puff paste and make little holes in it with a vork.
Add the vegetables on top of it, then pour the mixture over this all.
Bake 30 min in oven of 200 degrees.

All is cooked well and put now a layer of puff paste on top of the quiche. Cover with some whisked eggyoke
and let cook 20 minutes.
If top is not crispy let it in the oven for few minutes until brown
Serve warm with a salad

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