1.5 bags of Penna pasta.
Table flour (either white of whole wheat).
Sour cream
Turkey strips
Sliced Mushroom
Black non-salted (or salted) olives.
Steak spices (or simply salt + black pepper), steak spices is much better.
Shredded cheese for topping (the best I found is the 4-cheeses topping)

First of all you need to cook the pasta and the Turkey strips, to cook the pasta simply boil some water and when the water boiled add the pasta and keep moving it around every couple of minutes until it's ready, you may add a tea spoon of salt of not if you like.

Then cook the Turkey by adding it into water and but them to boil, add the spices to the turkey and make it a little more salty than usual (because we'll use the water in making the sauce).

Now to create sauce:
1- Add the water from the Turkey after it's cooked to the milk and sour cream, add initially 5 table spoons of flour.
2- Keep rotating the mix, keep adding flour until you get a high dense sauce.
3- Now the sauce is ready to be used.

Final steps:
1- Remove 1/3 of the sauce for topping and put the pasta on the remaining amount and mix them very well.
2- Add half the pasta into a big pasta container and put the turkey strips, olives, and Mushroom on the top and then add the second half over them.
3- Add the remaining sauce over the top.
4- Add the topping cheese over the top.

You will get this before it's finally cooked:
- Heat the over to 375 degree fahrenheit (or around 190 degree celsius).

6- Put the pasta in the over for around 30-40 min (or until the top became golden)

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