This is one of the healthy recipes that i like to cook ,i always use trout or any other oily fish ( u can use tuna-salmon fillets or whole fish )

You simply lay it in a foil baking dish and sprinkle the fish inside and out with a mixture of herbs and spices, like paprika, garlic, red and white & black pepper ( powder ) . add sprinkle of lemon grass , and be generous with olive oil , then top it all off with fresh clipped dill, and a cup of fish stock ( i often boil the shrimps and mussle and fish heads and add season and herbs and bring the stock to boil then use it , in case of not being able to do this u can only use regular tapwater

Bake for 30 minutes and voilà dinner is served.
Along with the fish i often add jacket potatoes or simply through a amount of cherry tomatoes- baby carrots ,small potatoes or cubed potatoes and sliced carrots , mushrooms ...etc and serve :)

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