Thai red tea OR regular black or orange pekoe tea
1 ripe mango (OR substitute 2-3 cups frozen mango)
natural syrup, such as maple syrup (OR substitute sugar)
1-2 cans coconut milk (1 can will serve 2 people)
crushed ice or ice cubes

Optional Ingredients:
regular milk or cream, OR good-tasting soy milk, OR sweetened condensed milk
straws (bubble tea straws work best)

Tips on Ingredients/Substitutions:
It's best to use the black, green, or multi-colored tapioca pearls made specifically for bubble tea. These are available in most Asian food stores, and also online. Regular tapioca pearls will disappoint, as they fall apart when cooked.
A good-tasting green tea (such as jasmine green tea) can be substituted for red/black/orange pekoe

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