A must try recipe ! really very nice if you are a sweet n sour recipe lover.
Chicken breasts cutlets (3 breasts) cubed boneless –skinless

1 tsp cinnamon -3 tsp brown sugar – 1sp cardamom -1sp all spice –sprinkle dash of grounded carnation – red pepper Sultana raisins + dried apricot (sliced) dates (sliced) hazelnut (toasted) almonds (roasted)
Cube of butter – cup of carrots and peas (steamed cooked)

1- In the pot add the chicken , red bell pepper and the spices salt and ppr til its golden roasted and semi cooked
2 - add the raisins and dried apricot and dates and mix all till its cooked (don’t add water)
3- add the butter cube and Then dash it with salt to taste
Its semi cooked now ! leave aside and keep half of it to garnish the top of the rice

Step 2 :
Boil the water to get ready to cook the rice, in the same pot of the chicken add the water (don’t add any fats) when its boils add the rice the peas and carrots with the chicken mix with spices and leave till it’s cooked

Serve and garnish with almonds and hazelnut floral tomatoes

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