Love this food ..This is a typical Dutch quick, down to earth wintermeal. Usually stamppot consists of mashed potatoes mixed with varying ingredients like carrots and onions (hutspot), raw endive or sauerkraut (zuurkool).
Some ppl have the habit to dig a hole in the middle of the blob of stamppot on their plates, and fill it with gravy.

1 kilogram potatoes (crumbly ) 500 grams sauerkraut, little bit milk, butter or margarine,nutmeg, pepper and salt, breadcrumbs

Peal potatoes and cut in pieces, cook in water with salt. Also cook the sauerkraut in 15 min. Pour off the water of both. Mash the potatoes with the sauerkraut and some milk and butter. Season with nutmeg and pepper. If too thick add some milk (but a spoon must stand up in it). Put this in an ovendish and add little cubes of butter on top and cover with breadcrumbs. Let in the oven gratinate for about 20 minutes Serve with sliced meat. The lot should be covered with gravy.