Mango Lassi a traditional South Asian drink, originally from Punjab. It is available not only from roadside cafe's but is also a great favorite in good restaurants and hotels. It is ideal served with hot dishes as it helps the body to digest spicy food.

1 fresh mango or mango pulp 3 cups yogurt 1 cup milk 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup of crushed ice Cut the MangoWe're going to start off by peeling the mango. If you don't have fresh mango available, you can always use canned.

Slice the mango and remove the bone. Blend the Fruit and YogurtPlace mango, 3 cups of yogurt, milk, and sugar into the blender. Turn blender on until the ingredients are blended well into a smooth texture, then turn the blender off. Serve the Mango LassiPour the mango lassi into the glasses, place a straw, and serve

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