In a wok , add sesemy oil ( 2 tsps) and 4 tsps of corn or canola oil and fry the meat (sliced) add ginger (grounded or powder or both ) and then add some soy sauce till its semi cooked add 2 tbsps of honey (if u like it more sweet add like 3-4 tsps) then add lemon zest and droplets of vinegar mix all and leave till its somewhat brownish

Dont add any salt because it will make the meat drier and will not keep the juice inside , and soy sauce is somehow salty enough, add white pepper flakes and taste ,then add raisins and the steamed veggies( i steamed brocoly -carrots -snowpeas (chinese peas) and canned baby corn , corn and red bellpeppers , and when its cooked serve and add some droplets of soy sauce to add the color

I steamed rice and served ...u can use the same recpeie with chicken fillet breats sliced thinly like shawerma cutlets and follow the same steps :)

added by Marwa El Odessi

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