Eating @ sulaymeh ( suhur gathering-ramadan ) londonON

2 pack of yoghurt (2 kilos ) add 1 tsp of salt and taste till its adjusted to your favourit taste , in order to change the yoghurt to lebneh you need to leave it fro 1 day in a clean cotton cloth ( i usually use a clean washed pillow case for that , every 2 hours press on the cotton bag to juice the excess water off the lebneh ,then put it in the fridge leave it for another day (it usually takes 2 days to change yoghurt to lebneh ) then when its not soft anymore (between the status of cheese and yoghurt ,texture will b softer than cheese mainly like heavy cream texture) add olive oil,mint and mix, serve with crackers ,lebaneese bread, and mezzah (appetizers)dishes
added by Marwa El Odessi

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