I made these filled eggs together with other dishes for my tapas evening

8 big eggs
2 pimientos (red sweet paprikas) fresh of from can
8 green olives
5 tbsp (light) maynaise
8 drops of tabasco
Knifepoint of cayenpepper
Salt and pepper
For garnishing: dille

Cook the egs in 10 minutes. Wash them immediately in cold water. Peel and cut them in two parts.
Remove eggyokes and mash them very fine.
Dry pimentos and olives if they are too moist. Chop them very small. Add to the egyokescreme together with mayonaise, tabasco, cayenne, salt and pepper.
Put the eggwhites on a plate (just cut a little part of the rounded area) and fill with the egyokesmixture. For nicer result you can use a sprayer)
Garnish with dill

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