200 gram selfraising flour & sniff of salt (If you have,cakeflour then you can use this instead of flour + salt)
200 gram butter or margarine
200 gram sugar
4 eggs
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 apple cut in very small pieces
Some dried abricots cut in very small pieces
50 gr raisins

Mix with the mixer butter and sugar creamy. Add one at a time the eggs, then mix a couple of minutes very good.
Add now sifted flour and cinnamon bit by bit at the creamy mixture.
Use a spoon to mixture the dried fruit, raisins and apples through this mix

Grease in a (glass)pan of 2 liter, now scatter some breadcrumbs (to let the cake loose easy from the pan) and pour in the cakemix!
Bake about 1hour on 160 degrees (dont open before at least ½ hour of bakingtime,.otherwise your cake sink downL

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