Filling (This makes enough for 20 sambusa.)1 lbs. ground beef,
1 Tbsp. oil1 onion; finely chopped, 1 ts. cumin, 1/2 ts. coriander,
2 ts. garlic; minced, 1 ts. pepper, 1/2 ts. salt

Heat the oil in a pan; add the ground beef and brown.
Add the onions and saute for 1 minute. Add the cumin, coriander, garlic, pepper, and salt; cover and saute for 2 minutes or until allthe liquid has evaporated. Remove from heat.Wrappers (for 8 sambusa)4 large flour tortillas; cut in halfflour pasteoil for frying.

Makes 32 large sambusa/samosa5 cups flour + extra for rolling2 ts. salt1/2 cup oil + extra for rolling2 cups wateroil for fryingCombine all the ingredients in a large bowl.vKnead until a smooth dough is formed. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for 30 minutes. Knead for 2 minutes and then divide the dough into 16 pieces. Press down each piece to form a 3 inch circle. Coat the top with oil and sprinkle with flour. Make 8 stacks with 2 in each stack.Press down to try to keep them equal in size. Flatten with a rolling pin until each stack is about 10 inches.10. Heat a pan on low heat.11. Place the stacked circles in the pan. (You don't want to cook them, you just want to dry themout.) Remove from the heat and cut in half. Separate each piece. (Each 10 inch stack makes 4 large sambusa.). Fold to form a cone.. Fill with a filling of your choice and close using flour paste.

Form a cone with each half. Fill with 2 Tbsp. of filling. Close seam with the flour paste.
Preheat oil in a pan; add the sambusa and cook until golden.
Remove and drain on paper towel.
NOTE: The filling is a very large recipe. I actually divide it into fourths and freeze.Some people might be reading this recipe and think that I am weird. I would have never thought that using flour tortillas as wrappers would work. Not only does it work, it tastes great. I love the fact that they are always available.

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