For more than a couple of years and i v been dying over having a real nice swisschallet omlette! yet i never managed to know how they rearly made it ,
Anyways i was2 give away an arm and a leg for one filling breakfast and (voila) domingo called me , he is a friend whom used to work for the culinary art school in winnipeg MB and i really liked the way he taught us our currriculam (he always ate what we cooked and this is a blessing of its own, as whaetever we did ,he enjoyed ) we had a high score often with this guy lol. anyhow, i asked and he did really help with this :

Whisk the omlette real slow and for like 10 minutes ( yesss u do that ) and then add cream fresh as you whisk gradually , easy with yr rage control managemnet now lol

add white ppr flakes and seasalt (or kosher mafhemtesh le7ad delwa2ty whats so special about it yet he insisted olt w malo gebna el kosher salt men food basics) nehayto whisk yala w khlas

then add a small piese of butter or margarine to the pan and then slide the foamy eggs to the pan and leave to cook , as u do that add mushrooms or cheese of yr preferance ( i add romano cheese and pavlova melt )
2alata ba2a dala3 brunsh !
then serve with cheese and watercress and a plumpy slice of toasted french loaf

added by Marwa El Odessi

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