OLIEBOLLEN (Dutch Dough Balls)

This is the traditional treat served at New Year's Eve. My mum makes them every year and she insists in using sour apples in it. At New Year's Eve friends & family gather to celebrate the coming of the new year by playing games, watching television etc. One can be certain to find a huge bowl/tray filled with oliebollen.

500 grams of flour, 25 grams yeast, 3 ½ deciliter milk, 250 grams (in total) of currants and raisins, some salt, 2 apples oil for deep frying.

Put the flower in a bowl, make in the center a depression and pour the yeast, which has been dissolved with a bit of lukewarm milk, into the hole. Add the remaining milk and stir. Stir the washed currants and raisins (and, sliced into small dice, apples) through the mix. Beat the mass to a smooth and airy mix and leave it, covered with a damp cloth (e.g. tea towel) to rise in a warm place (i.e. on top of a bowl with warm water) for about three quarters of an hour to one hour. Use two table spoons or an ice scoop to shape balls and slide them into the hot oil or fat. The temperature of the oil should be such that it is only just giving off vapor. Deep fry the oliebollen quickly until brown and thoroughly done. They should be soft and not oil soaked inside. Remove them from the oil with a skimmer or similar tool, leave for a short while to leak on absorbent paper and serve them with powder sugar.

Added by Fatma Nazligül