1 liter full cream milk – bring to boil in a heavy pan.
2 table spoon almonds – peel, grind and add.
Seeds of 8 cardamoms – add. Boil the milk until reduced to ½ liter.
2 drops almond essence (not more!) – add.
Strain the milk through cheese cloth, squeeze the almonds until dry, and then discard the pulp

400 ml sweetened condensed milk –add to almond milk
2 table spoon unsalted pistachio nuts – peel and coarsely crush
500 ml cream – add to almond milk and blend

Freeze the mixture until slightly firm, then whisk until smooth; transfer into individual cups, freeze overnight.
Remove the kulfa from freezer some time before serving, turn it onto a plate.
Decorate it with crushed pistachio and almond nuts and serve.

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