Home made jams made by im jallbeeb (lebaneese lady in the farm i buy my products and ingredients from)  in the pic im jallbeeb is pealing her fruits to prepare thedelich jams :)) yummy

Jams are made with first choice fresh tasting seasonal fruits.
These plain but agreeable jams are a delicious accompaniment to cheese and butter.

Basic recipe: 1 c fruit to 1 c sugar.
Some people use 1 c fruit to a little less than 1 c of sugar

Strawberry Jam - Mourabah el Frez
2 c sugar
2 t lemon juice
2 c strawberries

1. Wash and hull strawberries. Drain well.

2. In a deep bowl, cover strawberries with the required amount of sugar needed to make the jam and leave over night.

3. Next day, remove juice and boil until it thickens. Remove scum when necessary. Then, add the fruit and boil for another ten minutes, and, then, add 2 t lemon juice. Cook for one minute, and, while still hot, put in sterilized jars and seal with air tight lids.

Apricot Jam - Mourabah el Mishmoush
4 c apricots
4 c sugar
2 T lemon juice

1. Wash and pit apricots. In a bowl, cover the apricots with the required sugar and let stand for about 4 hours. 2. Over a low flame, heat apricots and sugar until the syrup thickens. Remove scum when necessary. Add lemon juice and fill immediately in sterilized jars. Seat with lids.

Fig jam - Mourabah el Teen
1lb. fresh figs
¾ lb. sugar
1 t powdered gum (miska)
1 t aniseed
¼ c roasted sesame seed
2 T lemon juice

1. Wash and remove stems, cut into small pieces.
2. In a bowl, cover them with sugar and let stand for four hours.
3. Put in saucepan, and heat with 1 cup of water until tender. Then, add roasted sesame seed, powdered gum, powdered aniseed and cook for another 10 minutes. Add lemon juice and, immediately, fill in sterilized jar and cover with air tight lids.

Dried Fig Jam - Mourabah el Teen Mougafaf
Same recipe as for fresh figs. Omit fresh figs and add dried figs. Wash, stem and cut the dried figs in small pieces. Cover with water overnight. Next day, in saucepan, add the sugar to the figs and water, add spices and cook. When cooked, remove from fire and add lemon juice. Fill in sterilized jars while still hot and seal with airtight lids.

Quince Jam - Mourabah el Sefargal
4 c quince
4 c sugar
Lemon juice

1. Wash, peel and shred quince. In bowl, cover with sugar and let stand for at least 4 hours.
2. In saucepan, over low flame cook, until it thickens. Constantly remove scum. When thick, remove from fire and add 2 T of lemon juice and fill sterilized jars. Seal with lids.

added by Marwa El Odessi

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