Every 1 chicken marinated in : 5 spoons of dried oregano ,salt pepper and 1 big minced onion ,lemon salt (quarter spoon ) 1 lemon zest and 1 juice of a lemon , 2 spoons of sesame and 2 spoons of yoghurt ,quarter glass of olive oil and 2 spoons of (sumaq) + 1 spoon of tomato paste to add color

Mix all ingredients and add them to the chicken and leave them for an over night, grill on the bbq griddle or in the oven till they are toasty red and crispy I like to have it garnished like the (7atee) so prepare the Lebanese bread (have it toasted fro few minutes in the oven before you get the chicken out ) and then put it over the plate add the chicken on it and have few green leaves( whatever you have water crest or parsley ) slices of lemon and garnish , and tell me how it was like ;)
added by Marwa El Odessi