1 cup of soft butter - half cup of powdered sugar
2 cups flour
1/8 bicarbonate
aspoon vanilla or orange blossom
pistachios or hazelnut or almonds for garnish

Ghorayeba  should look like this while you blend sugar and butter -->
beat the butter and sugar till its thick and creamy the colour will be whitish and when its blended add the flour and bicarbonate and vanilla slowly till its soft and the texture is spongy.

Shape the ghorayeba biscuits as desired and pinch it with thumb forming a thumbed shaped in the middle then add the pistachios or almond or hazlenut.
step ( shaping ghorayeba cookies)to shape ghorayeba a long rolling stick->>

<-- The two ends meet forming a ring

Bake in a 300 F oven, check it after 7 minutes ( its very easy that it will burn as its soft cookies try to monitor the baking process .
Leave it to cool down and serve :) enjooooooy

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