1/2 lb. flat bread (Arab bread) toasted and broken into small pieces

2 1/5 lbs chopped cucumbers or the heart of medium lettuce cut into small pieces
2 lbs. tomatoes cut into small pieces
10 oz. onions finely chopped
6 oz. olive oil
8 1/2 oz. juice of sour pomegranate or juice of sumac*
* Soak sumac seed (about 4 oz. in 12 oz. of warm water). Squeeze sumac seed then strain and use the strained juice.
1 clove of garlic mashed with salt
2 tbs. salt
1 bunch of purslane (baqle)
Toast and cut bread into small pieces. Sprinkle cold water over it. Chop all the vegetables and add them to the bread. Mix well. Add mashed garlic, juice and oil and toss well. Serve on a platter and garnish with pomegranate seed and a little chopped onions and tomatoes.

added by Marwa El Odessi

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