Buy 2 packs of any flavored chips of yr choice
Grind them in their bags till u have it powdered

mix that sandylike powder to the chicken cutltes(skinless bonless chicken sliced thinly ) add that to one egg + 2 tsps of flour and 2 sp of bread crumbs ,make a batter of that and have the chicken dippped in the chips and press with yr hand to let the chips flakes combine to the chicken ,and fry its veryyyy tasty when you have some garlic powder to that and if you choose flavord chips ( lemon spice or cheddar cheese flavor ) add some chilli powder if you want xtra kick :)) its really good

you can also bake that in th eoven and have it cooked it will still b great too and lighter than when you fry , yet ba2a (7ukm el 2awee lol they ssked for the heavy method) lol

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