Pesto Sauce
1/2c pine nuts (I sometimes toast these because I like that toasty flavor, then cool them before adding to the sauce mixture)
1/2c olive oil
1/2c fresh basil (or much more, up to 2 packed cups)
3 large garlic cloves, minced
1/2c parmigiano reggiano cheese*

1tsp salt (optional; cheese is salty, so I omit the salt for our health needs)
*Parmigiano reggiano is the parmesan cheese of choice. It can be expensive, so I buy mine at Costco. I run it through the food processor and freeze it, so it’s ready when I need it and also prevents it from going bad.u can also use turkish hard cheese * u will only know that if you are egyptian as roomy cheese *

1) Place pine nuts, olive oil, basil, & garlic in food processor and process until smooth.
2) Stir in cheese and optional salt.

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