1 onion
20 gram butter
20 gram flour
1,5 dl stock (vegetarian or meat)
150 gram pieces of leftover meat (finely chopped)
Pepper and salt
Paprika powder
A mixture of herbs.. which you prefer (it can be aromat from Knorr)
Breadcrumbs + 2 eggs beaten with some milk or oil
Chop onion very fine and let simmer in some butter.
Add flour and stir very good, now add from time to time the stock so it will cook like a good roux.
Now add the finally chopped meat and herbs at this mixture. Note that the roux must not be watery!
Let cool very good

Divide mixture into small portions and shape into croquettes.
Roll in breadcrumbs then roll in beaten eggs, end with a roll in breadcrumbs. Attention: the croquettes have to be covered with breadcrumbs allover,otherwise it can open while frying!
Place on a plate cover and refrigerate up to at least 4 hours.

Bake the croquettes at high heat in a fryingpan until golden brown.

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