Cottage cheese should be made using skim milk, because the cream solids don't stay in the curds, it stays with the whey. A gallon of skim milk will make about a pound of cottage cheese. If you are planning to use raw milk, let it set for a while and then skim off the cream to use later in your finished cottage cheese

You will need a starter to make cottage cheese. You can use a commercial culture, cultured buttermilk, or rennet tablets. I have found that by replacing one cup of the skim milk with one cup of cultured buttermilk and 1/8 of a rennet tablet gives a small curd cottage cheese, leave out the cultured buttermilk and use 1/4 tablet rennet if you prefer large curd cottage cheese. Salt helps to improve the life of the cheese, no to mention the flavor. After the cottage cheese is done, it will have a very acid like taste to it, so you will want to season it with either sour cream or sweet cream. Herbs, fruit or sweeteners can also be added

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