1 chicken 
5 potatoes
4 tomatoes
1 bell pepper
2 onions
salt and pepper

Wash the chicken and cut in small pieces, remove all the skin! and season chicken with paprikapowder, slat and pepper (or chickensalt)
Cut potatoe, bell pepper and 2 tomatoes in slices and chop onions and the other 2 tomatoes.
Add some skin in a pan and bake this good, you have now fat to bake the chicken light brown.
After baking all the chicken, bake the onions and bell pepper and 3 tomatoes in the same pan. Remove some of the fat and add the rest with onions and pepper mixture in an ovenpan with water and salt and pepper.
Put 3 slices of potatoe and 1 piece of chicken, now keep on going till pan is full. Add some tomato-rings at the top.
Cover pan with aluminiumfoil and bake in oven 180 degrees.after 2 hours remove foil and let bake till Brown.

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