small duck
6 big onions ( grated ) + cardamom- salt pepper cinnamon ,allspice
1 kilo orange juice( around one bottle )
1 orange + its zest

beforehand , u have to marinade yr sweet little duckling in orange jucie pool , after cleaning th duck of course with salt and flour ,leave it for an overnight in orange juice and cover , its a very important step to tenderize the meat .

next day , add the filling of onions and spices ,orange zest and fill yr duck ,slice orange and rest the duck on bed of orange and onions and cook in the oven for one and a half hour ,coverwith foil

after u see its tender and cooked ,brush with honey till its soaked ,put it again in the oven and leave till its carmalized and you feel that you have a tanned golden roasted duck , serve the duckling with slices of orange and the gravy that dripped off the duck , enjoy !!!!!!!!

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