This recipe was basically worked out by my husband but I do it a little bit differently so here's my version.

6 deciliters tepid water
25 grams yeast
12-14 deciliters plain flour
1 egg
Harissa - or copped chillies, onions, olives... or whatever you like.

Dissolve yeast in water. Add most of the flour. Add salt, turmeric, harissa or what you want. Add the egg and the rest of the flour. Mix until a nice dough is formed, it should be a little sticky. Sprinkle with a little flour and cover with cling film and a towel. Let rest for 45 minutes. Knead well and form 8 patties or if you wish, 2 loaves (lower temperature a bit and bake for about 30 minutes if you do this). We don't use a rolling pin when forming the bread but you can of course do this if you wish. Place on trays covered with baking sheets. Cut a pattern if you wis, make sure to use a sharp knife and cut deep enough for the pattern not to disappear during proving. Cover with towel and let prove for about 30 minutes. Set oven to 250 degrees Celsius. After baking for about 10 minutes or when the bread starts to turn brown, lower temperature to 225 degrees - or just bake at 225 degrees if you are not as fond of brown bread as my husband is. Bake in total about 20-25 minutes, let cool on rack, covered with a towel.

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