Normally i do artichokes this way , i only stuff it with peas as a side dish yet there is another yummy recipe:my granny's i will put it for you and will have it pictured inchaALAH when i cook it:12 artichokes 1 Ib. ground meat 2 medium onions ½ c pine nuts 4 T tomato paste Salt and pepper to taste,

1. Wash and clean artichokes for stuffing (remove outer petals and inside fuzz). Set aside in bowl of water with the juice of one lemon.
2. Meanwhile, fry seasoned meat and onion in the ghee. When onions are limp, add pine nuts and fry for 1 more minute.
3. In greased baking dish, set artichokes hearts one side by side and fill with meat stuffing. Dissolve tomato paste in about 4 cups of water and pour over the artichokes. Bake in medium oven 350 degrees for ½ hour or until artichokes are cooked. Serve with rice.
and here i only serve lentil with cumin and garlic i will write you the recipe of (rez b 3adas the lebaneese way next inchaALAH) yet these were side dishes and served cold like salad.

the recipe of Artichoke in oil: 16 artichokes, cleaned and left whole6 oz. oil1 lb. small onions2 1/2 pts. boiling water (to boil artichoke)2 oz. flour1 oz. salt1/4 tsp. white pepper12 oz. of green fava beans (foul)
Put all the ingredients together in a pot and cook over high heat first, then reduce heat to medium and cook until done. Take out artichokes arranging them side by side on a platter then pour the rest on top

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