5 potatoes
4 eggs
7 sweet-sour gherkins (cornichons)
2 tblsp sweet-sour onions (dutch onions= zilveruitjes)
salt and pepper
1 can of mixed vegetables like mixed mexican vegetables (corn, paprika, carrots, peas, french beans)
6 tblsp mayonaise-saladdressing
2 tblsp (light mayonaise)
saladleaves, tomatoes, paprika and cucumber to garnish

Cook the potatoes and mash them together with salt, pepper and nutmegg and 4 tblsp milk.
Cook the eggs and cut 2 in small pieces and the other 2 in slices (you can also use the middles parts of the 4 eggs so you have the best parts to garnish)

Mix potatoes with, eggs, vegetables, mayonaise/saladdressing, gherkins, unions al together.
Cover a plate with saladleaves and put the potatoemixture on top of it. Garnish with the eggslices, tomatoes, paprika, gherkins and cucumber

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