Peynirli poğaça - Turkish breads with cheese

1 coffeespoon sugar
42 grams fresh yeast
2 waterglasses of lukewarm milk
1 raw eggyoke
4 teaspoons salt
1 waterglass sunflouroil (or other oil)
1 kilo flour
For filling: grated yellow cheese and italian herbs

Put sugar, yeast, milk and eggyoke in a glass and let it work (the yeast will not solve). Put this mixture to a bowl and add salt, oil and flour (sifted)
make a dough with your hands, work it out very good.
If dough is too dry then add a bit of milk
Let rise in 30 minutes (i sometimes put the bowl into a bigger bowl with a little bit of warm water in it so it will be heated)

Divide dough into small rounds and work it out with and (okla) round wooden stick. until 1cm thin.
Fill these rounds with yellow cheese and herbs and paprikapowder , or minced meat, or white (feta) cheese with parsley. There are also many other fillings you can use like spinach.
Close the rounds by flip back both sides together
Put breads on a baking tray and pour eggyokes with oilmixture over it. Sprinkle grated cheese on top and bake in 25 minutes at 250 degrees Celcius

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